Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Towpath Trail High School East Campus been open?

We opened in 2017.


How soon can I earn my diploma?

It all depends on you! Generally, if you come to us with 0 to 5 credits = 2 yrs, 5 to 10 credits = 1.5 yrs, 10 to 15 credits = 1 yr, and 15 to 20 credits = 6 months. These times are estimates and can move up or down depending on how much work you complete each day.


Can you work around my schedule?

Yes! We are very flexible. We offer two sessions throughout the day that can accommodate most requests. You can work with our Student Success Coordinator to meet your specific scheduling needs.


Is this a behavioral school/school for "bad" kids?

No. We are a school for all students. We are a credit recovery program for students that need to make up credits for graduation or get caught up on credits so they can graduate on time. Our smaller population and flexible scheduling also benefit students who are looking for another environment to complete their diploma requirements.


Is this a GED or a real high school diploma?

We offer an official high school diploma with all the required seals.


Can you see how many credits I have from my current school?

As part of the enrollment process, you will sign a Request for Records form that we will send to your current school to request your transcripts. Usually, this takes a couple of weeks. However, students can often get the transcripts faster than we can, so if you can bring us an official copy, that would be great!


Do my credits transfer?

Yes! All nationally accredited schools will accept our credits and we accept their credits.


How old do I have to be to attend school there?

We enroll students between the ages of 15-21.


Do you assist with work permits?

Yes, we do. Should your attendance drop, your employer will be contacted and your permit will or can be revoked.


I don't live in the same city as the school. Can I still attend? 

Absolutely! One of the benefits of being a Charter/Community school is that we can enroll students coming from any district in Ohio!


What documents do I need to bring to my enrollment appointment?

Birth Certificate, proof of residency (utility bill, bank statement), and IDs of parent and student.


Are you a real school?

Yes! We are a nationally accredited high school. The diploma you receive here is the same as the one that you would receive from a traditional high school.


Do you help students find jobs when they graduate?

Yes, our Placement Specialist will work closely with our students to find a job in one of our Career Tech Programs or other local businesses.


Can I still participate in activities at my old school?

Yes--we work with your home school district to ensure your eligibility.


What do I need to enroll in the Career Tech programs?

You would need about 10-15 credits to be in our Career Tech program, depending on which program you are interested in. We would help you earn the required number of credits if you don't have enough.